Who We Are

Welcome to International Life-Science Enterprises Inc. (ILSE). Our mission is to increase the global reach of life science companies. The International Life-Science Enterprises’ program is dedicated to the successful establishment of life science companies in specific global markets. It is essential that all, new perspective markets be analyzed from both cultural and fiscal perspectives which determines market approaches and defines that market’s opportunities. ILSE identifies these in an objective and a clear manor and not only presents them to our clients but proposes how to maximize and optimize each one.

We help our US clients gain access to foreign markets by developing the necessary strategies and executing the associated tactics required for success. Similarly, we assist our international clients gain access to the North American market by providing; strategic, analytical and management assistance.

The culture, technologies and people are available to fully maximize the opportunities the global market represents, not only to large multi-national groups but also early and mid-stage organizations. The ILSE group consists of a collection of experts in all aspects of the life science business, integrated with enthusiasm and an extensive knowledge of the world’s markets. This international cadre can deal with the complexities each individual world market represents. Today’s technology enables a virtual approach to the challenges facing companies in reaping the benefits of globalization.