Business Process

The first step to working with ILSE involves a pre-market analysis. This process reflects the company’s specific needs and their products and/or technology. This procedure will determine the probability of market success and will result in an itemization of barriers, opportunities, potential partners, clients and budgetary considerations facilitating or impeding market success. The next step will be to develop the necessary strategies and associated tactics required to be executed to ensure successful market entry.

As the process evolves and expands, ILSE can provide services, support and expertise in the following strategic areas:

  • Strategic development

    • Marketing
    • Distribution
    • Financing
    • Sales
    • Personnel
  • Selection and negotiation with service providers

    • Legal
    • Taxation
    • Financial
    • Investment opportunities

These are managed and selected according to your corporate needs. Activities ILSE has successfully executed are;

  • Act as US Agent with regulatory agencies which is required under US law

  • Clinical Trials

  • Facility assistance

  • Quality Control of product

  • Business and Strategic Planning

  • Marketing and Sales Strategies

  • Strategic Partnering

  • Access to U.S. Government funding

  • Provide US contact for customers