Regulatory Services

The US FDA is a globally recognized regulatory agency for all Life Science products. While stringent they provide an effective tool for Companies to analyse their products, The FDA requires a US based “Agent” with whom they wish to interact. ILSE frequently provides such a service to their clients.

International Life Science Enterprises, Inc. (ILSE)

Market Analysis

ILSE’s First step is to assist in determining if our clients' product/technology has market viability. ILSE facilitates navigating the regulatory environment, identifies qualified professional service providers, and prepare strategies for manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution. We provide an initial base of operations thereby reducing costs and logistical concerns associated with establishing the U.S. market

International Life Science Enterprises, Inc. (ILSE)

Operational Support

As a private life sciences strategist and consultancy, we are a partner to our clients in all aspects of growing their life science business anywhere in the world. Our extensive network allows us to provide choices and alternatives that can guide our clients to success.

Once a positive market potential is ascertained. ILSE then recommends a step by step approach to market entry. This minimizes initial economic risk and validates the chosen strategies and tactics. During this initial period ILSE will provide operational support. ensuring successful market entry.