Joseph Shaw

A senior executive with extensive experience in Life Science Industry. Specializations in both domestic and international commercialization of Life Science technologies including pharmaceuticals, immunoassays, nanotechnology, medical devices, vaccines, and genomic products.

Colin W. Dykes, PhD

Colin comes from a background in molecular biology and genetics. He established Glaxo’s (now GSK) UK-based human genetics and genomics programs during the mid-90’s, resulting in the identification of mutations involved in susceptibility to migraine and psoriasis, and contributing to the discovery of the presenilin-1 gene’s involvement in early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Nida Shoubash

Ms. Shoubash has both supervisory and “hands-on” experience with entrepreneurial organizations as a founder.

Timothy Tripp

Tim Tripp, MS, MBA is the Director of University Economic Development at the University of Minnesota’s Office of Technology Commercialization.
Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members

In addition to the exceptional International Life Science Enterprises staff, we have organized a Board of Advisers that support our mission to help life science businesses enter and/or start-up in the United States — and help U.S. life science operations extend their reach around the world. The board consults with the partners of ILSE and will, as necessary, be introduced to key ILSE clients and supported organizations.

Byron McAllister

Since 1985 Mr. McAllister has managed an international management advisory consulting practice serving high-technology, entrepreneurial corporations in the biotechnology, life science research, human and veterinary diagnostic, vaccine, regenerative medicine, device, pharmaceutical, and allied industries

Thomas W. LaSalle

Thomas LaSalle is President and CEO of LaSalle Group, Ltd. Mr. LaSalle has forty years development, financing, consulting and management experience acquired primarily through his three privately-held corporations – LaSalle Management Group, Ltd. and LaSalle Development Group, Ltd.

Douglas W. Freitag

Douglas W. Freitag brings 30 years of expertise in Federal Business Development. He formed Bayside Materials Technology (BMT) in 1993 after a successful career in various management and engineering roles while employed by Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, and Ford Motor Company.

Shaye Mandle

Shaye Mandle has served as the President & CEO for Medical Alley since May 1, 2014. Previously, Mr. Mandle served as the association’s Executive Vice President & COO and was responsible for aligning internal operations with organizational strategy and overseeing advocacy efforts and key external relationships.